Penco a 15 jd

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Penco metal lockers have proven to be some of the most popular on the market. Boasting elite quality and a sleek, modern style, they are easily a number one seller. These industrial strength Penco lockers are constructed of prime grade steel and are available in single, double, triple, and multi-tiered styles.

Their metal locker collection is essential in providing safe, secure storage options. Their durability and aesthetic appeal make Penco steel lockers particularly well-suited for the following facilities:.

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Penco metal lockers are constructed using the finest prime grade steel that's free from surface imperfection. A strong alloy, steel is hard, unyielding, and resistant to corrosion when stainless.

penco a 15 jd

The body of each metal locker is specially formed for added strength and rigidity. The frames are electrically welded to form a fixed and rigid assembly capable of resisting the strains of daily use. The doors for each Penco locker are fabricated using a single piece of sheet steel to form a smooth, even surface. Finally, every door and piece of the locker body glistens with the powder coat baked enamel.

With quality and dependability in mind, Penco ensures that each locker is built to last a lifetime. Penco masterfully combines security, durability, and style in the design of their metal lockers. Every Penco steel locker accepts an assortment of locks not limited to built-in locks and padlocks.

Additionally, Penco lockers feature stainless steel recessed handles that provide a smooth, catch-free front to protect padlocks. Smaller doors for the box lockers feature friction-catch door pulls. These strikes feature nylon padding to not only dampen noise, but engage the door frame and keep the door shut. Penco has spared no expense in the design and creation of their steel lockers.

We have a wide variety of configurations, sizes, and colors. Quick ship is available for all Penco styles in the gray and champagne colors. We also provide an option for your Penco metal lockers to be fully assembled prior to delivery for a modest fee.

Our knowledgeable locker representatives have years of experience to assist you in purchasing the best lockers at the best price! Phone: Email: lockers schoollockers. All sales staff are available and all distribution centers are open and ready to ship products in a timely manner.

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Connect With Us.Many were quite whimsical and some very innovative. As the guitar became more popular, its girth gradually expanded. Guitars continued to escalate.

Penco Les Paul Custom

It was this hefty flat-top that was given the flattery of imitation in this magnificent Penco guitar. Back then, America had not yet been franchised by national-chain music stores. Instead, regions were served by large local distributors that often owned regional chains, but also served mom-and-pop music stores in the area. The Penco name was employed by Philadelphia Music Company, of Limerick, Pennsylvania, a sleepy rural town northwest of Philly best known as the location of a nuclear power plant.

penco a 15 jd

Run by the brothers Fred and Ralph Baas, Philadelphia Music had a number of stores throughout the area. However, it is best remembered as the importer of Framus guitars from Germany, which it distributed nationally.

As part of this relationship with Framus, Philadelphia Music was responsible for launching the careers of luthiers Sam Koontz and Eric Schulte as well as the American presence of Bill Lawrence, a.

Billy Lorento. Framus, like most other European guitars except for Hagstromhad ceased to be much of a player in the U. Philadelphia Music replaced Framus with Japanese-made Pencos as its budget brand. Because it was largely a regional brand, Pencos are not especially plentiful and, not surprisingly, usually show up in the Philly area.

Most were of decent quality, like the Model AJD. Lamination is typically two or three plies that create a strong, stable component, allow the builder to use a fancy outer veneer, and still sell at a budget price. This has a laminated spruce top with a nice, booming sound. As is often the case with laminated tops, the sound is good but sustain suffers, which is only a problem if your style demands sustain. Interestingly, the sides of this guitar are also laminated spruce, a very unusual design.

The back is faced with flamed maple with a nice color marquetry strip down the middle seam. The glued-in neck is three pieces of maple glued at cross grain for stability, with a rosewood fingerboard and real pearl inlays. As you can see, everything is bound. As you would expect, this has the Gibson-style mustache bridge, but the similarities begin to diverge there.

Beyond the spruce sides, the most distinct departure here is the tooled leather pickguard and arm-rest. Way cool! It has two numbers inside, Z andand the latter looks to be date encoded. Japanese guitar makers began using serial numbers right around this time.

Plus this has the Gibson-style headstock. Bywith rumors of a pending lawsuit flying throughout the guitar-importing community, headstocks began to change to more original designs, although acoustics tended to lag electrics in this changeover. All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine.

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penco a 15 jd

Home Search. If you're not happy with the results, please do another search. Circa Rex solidbody.

penco a 15 jd

While a lot of vintage-guitar enthusiasts are content to pursue well-known treasures, there are others who appreciate a good mystery. Photo: Michael Wright. Almost any guitar can be viewed in terms of a confluence of influences that produced it, from the company history to the history of guitar evolution to the kind of music it was meant to play.

Baldwin Guitars and Amplifiers Vintage Guitar. Thus, guitars were blessed with the Midas touch, veritable gold mines guaranteed to swell the Photo: Chuck Cherney. In the history of popular music, the story of Memphis-based Stax Records stands as a unique, enduring legacy. Memphis was the focal point of the gritty, greasy southern soul music in the s, and Stax was the label.

And two bands — the Mar-Keys, and Booker T. Some of the earliest electric guitars, amps-in-cases, pickups under the bridge, fiberglass guitars, built-in electronic vibratos. Sound curious enough for you? While National Jeff Kiesel showing off a new color in their Vanquish series.

Jon Esau and Dan Koetsier from thetubestore. The resurrected Supro company has made a big splash with its phenomenal new amps which were being used in booths and on showcase stages everywhere at NAMM Photo: Mike Keller: Zarina Saidova. Every fan of blues music is familiar with the Fabulous Thunderbirds. Neil Giraldo Ward Meeker. Photos by Rick Gould Quiz time, guitarheads. What was the second video played on MTV? Giraldo, a Cleveland Vintage Guitar.

At the show? Submit your photos! In fact, it was a lawsuit filed by Norlin Gibson against Elger Ibanez overCurrent Issue Read Now! LOG IN. Log into your account. Recover your password. Home Classic Instruments. George Gruhn. Paul Fox. Willie G. Classic Instruments Whooooo Wal You? Ward Meeker. Classic Instruments History of the Fender Bassman. Dave Hunter. Oscar Jordan. Photos courtesy of Evets. Danelectro Dano '63 short-scale bass in Red Burst.

Eastwood Club Bass Vintage Guitar. In the world of archtop guitars, the Stromberg name represents the ultimate instrument - in size, at least George Gruhn and Walter Carter. Michael Wright.

Carve on the back of the Climax.View Full Version : What's it worth? Suppose you found a Penco F5 from the 70's with a crappy case but in very good condition? What do you think one is worth? It's a Japanese Gibson copy, complete with the flowerpot in the headstock. I personally have never heard of Penco, but in any case, you will always get more informed help here if you can provide a photograph or three.

To a buyer who doesn't realise it's made of plywood, perhaps Not that it's the ultimate authority and the article is labeled as an "orphan"but here's what Wikipedia has to say about Penco: Penco was a brand of guitars manufactured circa to in the same factory Hoshino Gakki in Japan as the Ibanez guitars and was distributed by the Philadelphia Music Exchange.

Penco made Martin and Gibson style acoustic guitars. The Penco brand was also put on "lawsuit" Korina-finished Explorer styled guitars.

These were identical to the Ibanez Destroyer and the Greco Destroyer of the same period. The Ibanez line was distributed on the West coast of the U. So, basically an Ibanez, differently labeled? That's an interesting Wiki reference, Allen. Sounds like the OP needs to do a bit of wood identification i. If the top is solid spruce, it may be worth a bit more than if laminated. Is it carved vs. Answers to those questions would be helpful in determining the value.

Len B. Clearwater, FL. Just to say it again from the OP's other message, there were no Gibson lawsuits that pertained to mandolins. It was just one lawsuit for the open book headstock design for guitars. It was Gibson only and not Martin or anyone else. Unfortunately the Wiki article is unreliable, referencing only an online article written by someone who has "never held a Penco acoustic, so cannot say how good or bad they may be".

There's no evidence to support the claim that they are simply rebadged Ibanez instruments, and I'm not aware of any acoustic Penco instruments made with solid wood. I saw a Penco F5 for sale in London ten or so years ago. It looked nice but was definitely laminated and the sound was pretty average. Set against the current prices for lower end The Loar mandolins, I'd say the OP has paid well above the market value for an instrument that has no collector interest.

Penco Guitars

It'll give the OP an idea of what he might expect. If memory serves me, I seem to remember that Penco F5s were comparable in quality to Ibanez F5s of the day. I think that they actually were the same mandolin just with a different label etc, Solid wood etc, Of course as we all know, in the mandolin world companies change specs all the time without notice so this particular mandolin could be of non-solid wood construction I suppose.

Some investigation would be required before I bought it. I had one of the Ibanez ones once and they are all solid wood, thick heavy poly finish.

Mine did not sound very good but some people think they are good mandolins. I wouldn't pay that for one. These make excellent wall hangers so whatever you want to invest in something to look at on the wall is what it is worth. Well well, this Wikipedia article has to be the award winner of absolute junk.

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